Personal Info

As you already know by my home page my name is Peter. Most of my life I've lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. But have recently returned to my birth country, Cyprus.

Along with a few certificates from Seneca College, I graduated from York University with a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and with an advance coaching certificate. For many years I was involved in first aid in various leadership capacities. I also used to teach and coach swimming. And even though I never intended, over the years I have become quite involved in business. Because of my involvement in first aid I have also become quite knowledgeable in occupational health & safety, and have taken several courses in this regard, both in Canada and in Europe.

Because of my interest in first aid and health & safety, I have created the following documents and websites:

One of my favourite past times is cycling. And I'm referring to bicycling not motorcycling. I've been cycling since just after I learned how to walk. Endurance cycling is my favourite. One of my best life experiences was in the summer of 1994, and again in 2014, when I joined a cycling club, Tour du Canada, and cycled across Canada - literally, 7500km.

I used to do triathlons, with a half-ironman being my longest. And it was plenty long enough for me:) I've also dipped into rock climbing and scuba diving.

Over the years I've also travelled quite a bit. I've been to many European countries: England, Greece, including the Greek islands, Belgium, Hungary, and Yugoslavia. One of the most breathtaking places I've been to was the Grand Canyon in the U.S. It was an experience that words can not describe.

I've also managed a trip to Cozumel, Mexico, where the scuba diving was just amazing.